Marcus (name) - Surname


Family name
Pronunciation MAR-kus
Meaning "son of Mark"
Related names Marchi, De Marchi, De Marco, Di Marco, Marco, Di Marko, Marko, Marcus, Marconi, Marchitello, Marcuzzi, Marchini, Merck, Marck, Van der Marck, Markushkin, Markowicz, Markowitz, Markovich, Marcovitch, Markovic, Markovics, Marcovici, Marczewski, etc.
  • Mickey Marcus (1901–1948), American jurist and colonel
  • David Marcus, President of Paypal
  • Eric Marcus (born 1958), nonfiction author and journalist
  • Erik Marcus (born 1966), writer, vegan, and public speaker
  • Ernst Gustav Gotthelf Marcus (1893–1968), malacologist
  • Eveline Agnes du Bois-Reymond Marcus (1901–1990), malacologist
  • Gary Marcus, research psychologist and author
  • Greil Marcus, American author
  • George Marcus, American anthropologist
  • Jacob Rader Marcus, US reform rabbi
  • Jan Marcus (1702–1750), malacologist from Netherlands
  • Joan Marcus, American theatrical photographer
  • Ken Marcus, American photographer
  • Lauren Marcus, American actress
  • Rudolph A. Marcus, chemist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Siegfried Marcus (1831–1898), German-Austrian inventor
  • Simon Marcus (born 1986), Canadian-Jamaican Muay Thai kickboxer
  • Stanley Marcus, co-founder of Neimann Marcus

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