Marchand, Ohio

Marchand is an unincorporated community in northeastern Jackson Township, Stark County, Ohio, United States, a short distance west of North Canton. Marchand is a historical locality that contains very few businesses, surrounded by the B.& O. Railroad tracks. Joseph Francis Marchand, first child of Francis and Mary (Friez) Marchand, were born in Boron, France, March 15, 1825. He was three years old when he, along with his parents, immigrated to America. He married Catherine Pierson on June 6, 1847, at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio. Catherine was born September 1, 1829, in Ohio; however, her parents Peter and Catherine Pierson, French born, immigrated to America a month after the Marchands' had arrived. Joseph an early pioneer in Ohio, founded the village of Marchand. He was an enterprising man, being an agriculturist, business man, and investor. He purchased property when given the opportunity and erected three houses in the village of Marchand; one of which was used as a hotel and the other a saloon. He operated a small store in one of the houses, creating competition for the general store across the street. He built a grain elevator, buying grain from farmers. A post office was opened in Marchand on 22 December 1881 and closed on 14 October 1916; mail formerly sent to the Marchand post office was redirected to the New Berlin post office, now North Canton. Marchand is still recognized by its green signs.

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