María La Del Barrio - Cast


  • Thalía as María Hernández De la Vega - in love with Luis Fernando, biological mother of Nandito, adoptive mother of Tita, goddaughter of Casilda
  • Fernando Colunga as Luis Fernando De la Vega - son of Fernando and Victoria, in love with Maria, biological father of Nandito, adoptive father of Tita
  • Itatí Cantoral as Soraya Montenegro de la Vega de Montalban - Main villain, first wife of Luis Fernando, Oscar's widow, niece of Victoria, stepmother of Alicia, hates Maria, dies by burned alive by a gasoline with a fire match
  • Ricardo Blume as Don Fernando De la Vega, husband of Victoria, father of Luis Fernando, Vladimir and Vanessa
  • Irán Eory as Victoria Montengro de la Vega, wife of Fernando, mother of Luis Fernando, Vladimir and Vanessa, aunt of Soraya
  • Héctor Soberón as Vladimir De la Vega, brother of Luis Fernando and Vanessa, son of Fernando and Victoria, in love with Maria
  • Montserrat Gallosa as Vanessa De la Vega, sister of Luis Fernando and Vladimir, daughter of Fernando and Victoria, in love with Pedro
  • Ludwika Paleta as María de los Ángeles 'Tita' De la Vega Hernández - adoptive daughter of Luis Fernando and Maria, biological daughter of Clemente and Veronica, in love with Aldo
  • Meche Barba as Lupe - the housemaid in the De La Vega mansion
  • Carmen Salinas as Agripina Perez, the adoptive mother of Nandito
  • Osvaldo Benavides as Fernando 'Nandito' De la Vega Hernández - son of Maria and Luis Fernando and adoptive son of Agripina, in love with Alicia
  • Sebastián Garza as Pedro - friend of Maria,in love with Vanessa
  • Manuel Saval as Oscar Montalban - in love with Soraya, father of Alicia (killed by Soraya)
  • Jessica Jurado as Veronica Robles del Castillo - in love with Clemente, biological mother of Tita
  • Ariadne Welter as Esperanza Calderón Alicia's nanny
  • Yuliana Peniche as Alicia Montalban Smith, daughter of Oscar, stepdaughter of Soraya, in love with Nandito
  • Aurora Molina as Casilda godmother of Maria
  • Pituka de Foronda as Seño Caro
  • Tito Guízar as Padre Honorio priest
  • Silvia Caos as Calixta Popoca witch, Soraya's biological mother (killed by Soraya)
  • Ana Patricia Rojo as Penelope Linares servant at De la Vega's house, Tita's nanny, in love with Luis Fernando, then with Jose Maria, villain, hates Maria, later become good
  • René Muñoz as El Veracruz, godfather of Nandito, finally he will married Agripina.
  • Gloria Izaguirre as Marsela
  • Rebeca Manríquez as Carlota, servant at De La Vega's house
  • Beatriz Moreno as Fellipa cook of De La Vega, in love with Urbano
  • Raúl Padilla as Urbano servant at De La Vega's house, in love with Fellipa
  • Alejandra Procuna as Brenda ex-girlfriend of Luis Fernando
  • Yadira Santana as Rufina
  • Roberto Ballesteros as El Fantasma
  • Leonardo Daniel as Hinojosa
  • Juan Antonio Edwards as Dr. Rodrigo Suarez
  • David Ostrosky as Zabala
  • Javier Gómez as Rosales
  • Isabel Martínez 'La Tarabilla'
  • Jorge Cáceres as Osvaldo Treviño
  • Emilia Carranza as Raymunda Robles
  • Roberto Blandon as José María Cano "Papacito" husband of Penelope, villain, ends up in jail
  • Antonio Medellín as Doctor Carreras
  • Lilia Machel as Sor Matilde
  • Ninón Sevilla as Caridad, friend of Agripina
  • Sara Montes as Elisa
  • Claudia Ortega as Antonia godmother of Nandito
  • Javier Ruán as Zamora
  • Rodrigo Abed as Bernardo
  • Daniel Gaurvy as Clemente Barena, in love with Veronica, father of Tita
  • Mauricio Aspe as Aldo Armenteros, son of Abelardo, in love with Tita
  • Enrique Lizalde as Abelardo Armenderos, lawyer of Soraya, father of Aldos
  • Eric del Castillo as Juez
  • Ricardo Vera as Camilo Macias
  • Sebastián Ligarde as Lic. Gonzalo Dorantes, villain, lawyer, friend of Soraya, in love with Maria
  • Irlanda Mora as La Leona
  • Patricia Martínez as Romelia Aguado
  • Evangelina Martínez
  • Ariel López Padilla as Dr. Daniel Ordóñez, who saved Maria when she's amnesia and also in love with Maria
  • Frances Ondiviela as Cecilia, villain, in love with Daniel, hates Maria
  • Esteban Moldovan as Carlitos Ordoñez, son of Daniel
  • Natasha Dupeyrón as Perlita Ordóñez, daughter of Daniel
  • Rocío Sobrado as Gracia Valdez, friend of Maria in jail
  • María Prado as Rosenda La Carcelera, villain, hates Maria, fired for abusing Gracia Valdez with a stick, sets prison on fire, dies burning alive
  • Alejandro Tommasi as Dr. Keller
  • Enrique Muñoz as Agente Murillo
  • Lourdes Dechamps as Argelia, Soraya's maid

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