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Military Career

Manuel Baquedano returned to Chile and completed his military training. He was promoted to regular Lieutenant on January 23, 1845, and in January 1850, while holding the Adjutant in the Grenadiers, Baquedano was promoted to full Captain. During the Revolution of 1851 in April 1851, Manuel Baquedano's presence helped the Palace of La Moneda when he played a decisive role in the confrontation with the troops that rebelled, on the 20th day of that month, against the election of Manuel Montt as President. These rebels were commanded by Colonel Pedro Urriola who was supported by young liberals, among whom he counted his friend Eusebio Lillo. The revolution was followed by an armed navy revolt at Concepción by troops controlled by José María de la Cruz. Baquedano was named adjutant of General Manuel Bulnes and participated alongside the government's forces in the battle of Loncomilla, in December 1851. There, he faced his father and brother Eleuterio Baquedano, finishing the battle he requested permission to visit his father, head of the enemy army's General Staff, wounded in battle.

Manuel Montt granted him a promotion for his services to Sergeant Mayor of the government escort in January 1852.

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