Manuel Baquedano - Later Life

Later Life

He was twice offered a presidential candidacy, but on both occasions the campaign did not prosper. By means of a law passed in August 1881, the government of Domingo Santa María granted - by the rest of his life honors, pays and allowances to him like commander in chief in campaign.

The following month, he was named advisor of State, and was chosen as a senator by Santiago during 2 periods, between 1882 and 1888, and by Colchagua for another 2, between 1888 and 1894. From these positions he participated in the reorganization of the Army and cooperated in the commissions so that the Academy military and the General Staff were based. In April 1889, President José Manuel Balmaceda sent him on a mission to Europe, from which he returned in November 1890.

During the Chilean Civil War, Baquedano did not side with either political party. But, after Balmaceda's forces were overcome and destroyed at the battle of La Placilla, it was clear that the President could no longer hope to find a sufficient strength amongst his adherents to maintain himself in power. On August 29, 1891, Balmaceda officially handed power to General Baquedano, who maintained order in Santiago until the arrival of the congressional leaders on the 30th. He then handed power to Navy captain Jorge Montt on the 31st, and retired definitively to private life.

He died at his home in Santiago, at the age of 74

There is a commemorative statue of him, mounted on his horse, by the Edificio Telefónica in Av Providencia at Santiago.

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