Manghit - Manghuds in The Mongol Empire

Manghuds in The Mongol Empire

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According to ancient sources, they were derived from the Khiyad Mongols. The Manghuds and the Uruuds were war-like people from the Mongolian plateau. Some notable Manghud warriors supported Genghis Khan (1162–1227) while a body of them resisted his rise to power. When the Mongol Empire began to expand westward, the Manghud people were spread westward into the Middle East along with many other Mongol tribes. In the Golden Horde, the Manghuds supported Nogai (d.1299) and established their own semi-independent horde from the khans in Sarai. After Nogai's death in 1299 AD, the majority of Manghud warriors joined the service of Tokhta Khan. Their chieftain Edigu, the powerful warlord of the Golden Horde, officially founded Nogai Horde or Manghit Horde in the 14th-15th century. Turkish historians would record their tribal name as Manghit or Nogais, as opposed to the original Manghud or Mangudai.

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Manghit - Manghuds in The Mongol Empire - Military Unit of The Mongols
... The mangudai or mungadai were military units of the Mongol Empire, but sources differ wildly in their descriptions ... One source states that references to Mongol light cavalry "suicide troops" date back to the 13th century ... that Mangudai was the name of a 13th-century Mongol warlord who created an arduous selection process to test potential leaders ...

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