Major Emmerdale Storylines - Home Farm Siege 1994

Home Farm Siege 1994

In 1994, Scott Windsor's long lost father; Reg Dawson turned up in Emmerdale, claiming that he wanted to build bridges with his son. Vic Windsor, Scott's adoptive father, didn't trust him from the start. It soon emerged that the real reason Reg had come to the village was because he and his gang planned to kidnap his ex wife, Viv, and hold her hostage at Home Farm, and steal the money and valuable items that were there. Home Farm was then owned by the Tates' who were on holiday at the time.

Reg and his gang stormed the post office, shot Alan Turner and kidnapped Viv Windsor, and Alan's wife Shirley and took them up to Home farm. The police were alerted and they did a stakeout at the house just as Reg was about to shoot Viv. Shirley performed an act of bravery and jumped in front of Viv, only for her to be shot dead. Reg was later gunned down by a police marksman, but the whole incident left the then 14 year old Scott traumatized, hurt and ashamed by his father, and Alan was left to mourn his wife, Shirley.

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