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Lewis And Clark Expedition - Overview
... in science, scientific research itself was not the main goal behind the mission ... The captains decide to build Fort Mandan across the river from the main village ... August 12 – Scouting separately from the main party, Lewis crosses the Continental Divide at Lemhi Pass ...
3rd Connecticut Regiment
... The brigade was re-assigned to the Main Continental Army on 15 June 1777 and re-assigned back to the Highland's Department on 2 July 1777 ... One year later, 21 July 1778 the Brigade was re-assigned to the Main Continental Army. 1780 the brigade was re-assigned to the Main Continental Army but later that, 27 November 1780 it was re-assigned back to the Highland's Department ...
1st Maryland Regiment - History
... On 6 July 1776 the Maryland Battalion was assigned to the main Continental Army ... was assigned to Stirling's Brigade and five days later (17 August 1776) adopted into the main Continental Army ... to the 1st Maryland Brigade on 22 May 1777 of the main continental Army ...

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    Olivia Dandridge: You don’t have to say it, Captain. I know all this is because of me. Because I wanted to see the West. Because I wasn’t, I wasn’t army enough to stay the winter.
    Capt. Brittles: You’re not quite army yet miss, or you’d know never to apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.
    Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)

    Whoever considers morality the main objective of human existence, seems to me like a person who defines the purpose of a clock as not going wrong. The first objective for a clock, is, however, that it does run; not going wrong is an additional regulative function. If not a watch’s greatest accomplishment were not going wrong, unwound watches might be the best.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)