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Steven Zaloga - Works
... M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982-92 (1993) ISBN 978-1-85532-283-7 Modern American Armor Combat Vehicles of the United States Army Today (1982) ISBN 0-85368-248-8 ... (2010), Battle of the Bulge, Long Island City Osprey Publishing ltd ...
Reported Military Losses During The Invasion Of Cyprus (1974) - Attila 2 Offensive (14–18 August 1974) - 16 August
... Type Equipment Owner Unit Location Number Lost Notes Main Battle Tank M47 / M48 Turkish Army 28 Divisional Tank Battalion Nicosia 5 A total of five ... Main Battle Tank M47 Turkish Army Unknown Nicosia 1 A single M47 tank was lost in action during an engagement with dug-in T-34s in the north of Nicosia in the afternoon ...
Battle Of Britain Day - Mid-afternoon Attack: 13:45 To 15:45 - Main Battle
310 Squadron lost two Hurricanes to JG 26, one to Adolf Galland, as the battle became a confusing mess of combats ... KG 53 in the central column had lost one and three more forced to turn back owing to battle damage, while only one KG 2 machine had been forced to do the same ... The main formations withdrew as more RAF squadrons closed in ...
Battle Of Tiger Hill - Main Battle
... While the Alpha, Charlie, and Ghatak companies of the Grenadiers attacked from the rear, the Nagas were on the left flank, and the Sikhs on the right ... The assault began at 515 pm on 3 July, with India shelling the Pakistani positions ...
List Of Polish Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Tanks - Main Battle Tanks
... T-54 main battle tank T-55 main battle tank T-55A main battle tank T-55 AM Merida main battle tank (modernized T-55 main battle tank) T-55AD-2M main battle tank (modernized T-55 ... was cancelled due to lack of funds.) PT-91A "Twardy" main battle tank (first proposition for export) PT-91Z "Twardy" main battle tank (demonstrator of export variant showed on military exhibitions) PT-91M "Twardy ...

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    That civilisation may not sink,
    Its great battle lost,
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    The main question raised by the thriller is not what kind of world we live in, or what reality is like, but what it has done to us.
    Ralph Harper (b. 1915)