Mahratta may refer to

  • the Maratha caste, a ruling class of the Indian subcontinent
  • the Maratha Empire
  • a term for the Marathi speaking peoples who primarily reside in the state of Maharashtra in India; this is also the standard usage in historical works
  • old spelling for Marathi language
  • SS Mahratta (1865), lost in a collision with SS Victoria in 1887 in the River Hoogly.
  • SS Mahratta (1892), lost on the Goodwin Sands in 1909.
  • SS Mahratta (1917), lost on the Goodwin Sands in 1939.
  • HMS Mahratta (G23), an M class destroyer torpedoed by U-990 in 1944 with the loss of 220 crew.

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SS Mahratta (1917) - History - Shipwreck
... On 9 October 1939, Mahratta was inbound to London from Calcutta when she ran aground on the Goodwins ... Mahratta had originally been bound for Liverpool but received new orders at Gibraltar to sail to London ... Mahratta left Gibraltar as part of Convoy HG 1 on 26 September 1939 ...
SS Mahratta (1917)
... SS Mahratta was a Brocklebank Line steamship launched in 1917 ... The first Mahratta suffered a similar fate in 1909 ... After Mahratta broke up, the ship was found to be resting on top of the first Mahratta ...
SS Mahratta
... The name SS Mahratta can refer to either of two ships that shipwrecked on the Goodwin Sands SS Mahratta (1892), wrecked in 1909 SS Mahratta (1917), wrecked in 1939 This article includes a list of ships with ...
SS Mahratta (1892) - History - Shipwreck
... On 9 April 1909 (Good Friday), the 5,639 ton liner Mahratta stuck in the Goodwin Sands, with a heavy cargo, a crew of 90 and 17 passengers ... The Mahratta was homeward bound to London from Calcutta, India with a mixed cargo including jute, rice, rubber and tea ... from Dover, it was impossible to pull Mahratta free ...