Madlib Discography

The following discography is for hip hop/jazz musician Otis Jackson Jr., professionally known as Madlib. Madlib has released music under many pseudonyms, most for Stones Throw Records. Madlib began his career with Lootpack, a hip hop group. Later in his career he was a member of Jaylib and Madvillain. Yesterdays New Quintet is a fictional jazz group created by Madlib. The group has evolved into the YNQ "Universe", a larger number of fictional people and bands, usually which consist of only Madlib, sometimes with other musicians. Quasimoto is a fictional character created by speeding up Madlib's own voice. Under that name he released two albums, in 2000 and 2005. Madlib also released a house/techno album under the name DJ Rels titled Theme for a Broken Soul. Other notable collaborations include Dudley Perkins, with whom he has produced 3 entire albums. Madlib has released 3 multiple-volume album series: Beat Konducta (Vol. 0-6), Mind Fusion (Vol. 1-5) and Madlib Medicine Show (Vol. 1-13)