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Mohamed Hamaki - Biography
... N'eesh" (Let us Live) in 2003 featured 10 songs all arranged by the famous arranger Tarek Madkour ... it was reported that he decided to break up with audio producer Tarek Madkour and working on his own without him and with his same producer Nassif Kauzman the owner of ... However, these rumors have been denied as Madkour stated on his official site that he will cooperate with Hamaki again on his new album ...
Ah W Noss - Credits
... producer "Ah W Noss" - Aiman Bahgat Amar - Tarek Madkour - Tarek Madkour "Badallaa' Aleik" - Ahmed Shata - Mahmoud Khiami - Jean-Marie Riashi "Lawn Oyounak" - Samir Nakhla - Tarek Abu Juda - Toni ... Saad - Tarek Madkour "Taala Ya" - Ahmed Shata - Khaled Janid - Adel Ayash "Sana Wara Sana" - Mahmoud Saad - Fadi Saad - Toni Saba "Enta Eih" - Mustafa Marsi - Samir Sfeir - Tarek Madkour "Ga ...
Leih Sebtaha - Track Listing
... by Baha' elDeen Mohammad
Tarek Madkour
... Tarek Adel Madkour, born in Cairo (May 22, 1967) with a passion in music made his father bring a piano teacher to teach him the basics ... Madkour played on keyboard and he was the youngest member of the band ... famous Egyptian producer), used to tutor Madkour in the area of music composing and producing ...