Madelung may refer to:

  • Erwin Madelung (1881–1972) German physicist
    • Madelung constant chemical energy of an ion in a crystal
  • Georg Hans Madelung (1889–1972) German aeronautical engineer
  • Otto Wilhelm Madelung (1846–1926) German surgeon
    • Madelung's deformity which is characterized by malformed wrists and wrist bones and short stature
    • Madelung's syndrome also known as "Benign symmetric lipomatosis", a benign form of lipomatosis
  • Wilferd Madelung (1930–) scholar of Islam

Other articles related to "madelung":

Madelung Constant - Generalization
... It is assumed for the calculation of Madelung constants that an ion’s charge density may be approximated by a point charge ... Accordingly, the Madelung constant only represents the monopole-monopole term ... These concepts require the determination of higher order Madelung constants or so-called electrostatic lattice constants ...
Madelung Equations
... The Madelung equations are Erwin Madelung's alternative formulation of the Schrödinger equation ...
Madelung Constant
... The Madelung constant is used in determining the electrostatic potential of a single ion in a crystal by approximating the ions by point charges ... It is named after Erwin Madelung, a German physicist ... The Madelung constant shall allow for the calculation of the electric potential Vi of all ions of the lattice felt by the ion at position ri where rij =
Aufbau Principle - The Madelung Energy Ordering Rule
... which these orbitals are filled is given by the n + l rule (also known as the Madelung rule (after Erwin Madelung), or the Klechkowski rule (after Vsevolod ... The Madelung energy ordering rule applies only to neutral atoms in their ground state, and even in that case, there are several elements for which it ... According to the Madelung rule, the 4s orbital (n + l = 4 + 0 = 4) is occupied before the 3d orbital (n + l = 3 + 2 = 5) ...