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NLRB V. Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. - Assessment - Internal Inconsistencies and Problems
... A number of problems have been identified in the Mackay Radio ruling itself which have led scholars to heavily criticize the decision ... Primary among these is that Mackay Radio directly contradicts the express language of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) ... Mackay Radio also directly contradicts the NLRA's explicit statutory purpose of encouraging collective bargaining ...
Hillsboro Wireless Tower - History
... In September 1927, KGH was purchased by Mackay Radio Telegraph Company, a subsidiary of International Telephone Telegraph Corporation ... Mackay Radio shortly thereafter installed a shortwave transmitter and replaced one of the spark gap transmitters with the new arc and tube type ... On December 31, 1928, Mackay Radio announced a new more powerful transmitter would be installed by February 1929, making KGH the most powerful Marine Radio station in the Northwest ...
NLRB V. Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. - Assessment - Theoretical Weaknesses
... Scholars also criticize Mackay Radio on theoretical grounds ... Many scholars see Mackay Radio as one of the last of the Lochner era decisions ... But the language of Mackay Radio harkens back to Lochner era employment rights philosophies which many thought the Supreme Court had abandoned a year earlier ...
NLRB V. Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. - Assessment - General Assessment of Mackay Radio
... Mackay Radio has been called "the worst contribution that the U.S ... Scholars have lashed Mackay Radio for severely undermining the statutorily protected right to strike, calling the decision a "transparent maiming" of the NLRA ... Some have gone so far as to conclude that Mackay Radio now threatens to undermine the entire statutory scheme of American labor law ...
NLRB V. Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co.
... Mackay Radio Telegraph Co ... The Mackay doctrine, as the striker replacement portion of the ruling is known, is one of the most significant Supreme Court rulings in American labor law, and has defined ... "Mackay Radio was more than a decision that provided an instrumental method for a firm to replace economic strikers and to resist their return to employment after a strike ...

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    —Anonymous. Quoted in The Harvest of a Quiet Eye, Alan L. Mackay (1977)