Machon Yaakov - The Program - Gemara Shiur (Lecture)

Gemara Shiur (Lecture)

The Gemara is the teachings passed down by the rabbis in the centuries following the destruction of Second Temple, and forms the core of what has come to be known as rabbinic Judaism. The most widely-studied of these rabbinic teachings are known collectively as the Talmud, which has two parts: Mishna and Gemara. Every morning after each student has worked alongside his chavrusa (study partner), he attends class given by one of the rabbis at the yeshiva where he clarifies and builds on his understanding of the day's assigned text.

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Famous quotes containing the word gemara:

    Your son, whirling between two wars,
    In the Gemara of your gentleness,
    Stanley Jasspon Kunitz (b. 1905)