M. K. Brown - Dr. N!Godatu

Her animated series Dr. N!Godatu (with Julie Payne as Dr. Janice N!Godatu) debuted in 1987 on The Tracey Ullman Show alternating with the then unknown Simpsons shorts (animated by the same Klasky Csupo team). Nancy Cartwright and Dan Castellaneta from The Simpsons provided voices: Nancy Cartwright in "Freeway" (as Dr. N!Godatu's friend who refuses to drive on freeways, through tunnels, or over bridges), and Dan Castellaneta in "Blind Date" (as the date) and "Fishtank" (as the fish tank repairmen). There were six shorts in all, each divided into four Acts. There were also two unreleased episodes (The Party and The Proposal). Dr. N!Godatu is pronounced without a vowel sound preceding the N and a clicked G.

Episode synopsis:

  • 1 (4W02) The Office: Dr. N!godatu wore her pink slippers to work; not to worry, since she keeps a pair of pumps in a drawer for just such an emergency - but the drawer is filled with giggling pink slippers.
  • 2 (4W03) Blind Date: Dr. N!godatu has a dream date with a lawyer who's also a surgeon, and, in college, was voted cutest couple; unfortunately, he's also someone who likes to talk about himself too much.
  • 4 (4W01) Freeway: Dr. N!godatu is going shopping with her friend Pat (voice of Nancy Cartwright), who never drives over bridges, through tunnels, or - until Act III - on the freeway.
  • 7 (4W26) Fishtank: Dr. N!godatu's fish are doing strange things, which is nothing compared to what the two balloon-like repairmen (voice of Dan Castellaneta) are doing trying to fix it.
  • 9 (4W09) The Dream: Dr. N!Godatu has a strange dream - and that guy in it looks like her blind date Bill...
  • 13 (4W12) Scanner: Dr. N!Godatu breaks out a scanner that converts brain activity into a TV picture. Ah, computer programming...
  • The Party: (unreleased) Pat's throwing a party.
  • The Proposal: (unreleased) You remember him. Bill Wallhead. He's back and he means business.

Character list:

  • Dr. Janice N!Godatu
  • Elaine (receptionist)
  • Mr. Marsh (patient)
  • Bill Wallhead (boyfriend)
  • Pat (friend)
  • The Carlisles (fishtank repairmen)
  • Michelle (patient)

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