M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon - Versions


Being a military firearm, a number of manufacturers have made versions of the M6. The originals were made by the Ithaca Gun Company, and sold only to the US military. The standard version, as used by the military, has a 14-inch barrel version, and folds in half to a minimum size of 15 inches. The 14-inch version requires federal registration and is taxed in the United States as an Any Other Weapon by US federal law.

Most notable of the civilian manufacturers is Springfield Armory, Inc., which made three versions. Versions made by Springfield include a 12-inch barreled pistol and a 18-inch barreled rifle version called the M6 Scout, both of which are free from special restrictions. The Springfield Armory M6 Scout and pistol has been made in .22 Hornet/.410 bore calibers and alternately in .22 Long Rifle with .410 bore. The short-lived M6 pistol built by Springfield Armory was a version of the M6 which could fire a .45 Colt cartridge in the .410 bore.

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