M114 155 Mm Howitzer - Ammunition


The gun fired separate loading, bagged charge ammunition, with up to seven different propelling charges, from 1 (the smallest) to 7 (the largest). Muzzle velocity, range and penetration in the tables below are for maximum charge in form of complete M4A1 propelling charge.

Propelling charges
Model Weight Components
M3 2.69 kg (5 lb 15 oz) Base charge and four incremental charges (for charges 1 to 5)
M4 6.29 kg (13 lb 14 oz) Base charge and two incremental charges (for charges 5 to 7)
M4A1 6.31 kg (13 lb 15 oz) Base charge and four incremental charges (for charges 3 to 7)
Mk I Dummy 3.63 kg (8 lb) Base charge and six incremental charges
M2 Dummy 3.34 kg (7 lb 6 oz) Base charge and six incremental charges
Type Model Weight Filler Muzzle velocity Range
HE HE M102 Shell 43.13 kg (100 lb) TNT, 7.06 kg (15 lb 9 oz)
HE HE M107 Shell 43 kg (90 lb) TNT, 6.86 kg (15 lb 2 oz) 564 m/s (1,850 ft/s) 14,955 m (16,355 yd)
Smoke FS M105 Shell 45.14 kg (100 lb) Sulfur trioxide in Chlorosulfonic acid, 7.67 kg (16 lb 15 oz)
Smoke WP M105 Shell 44.55 kg (100 lb) White phosphorus (WP), 7.08 kg (15 lb 10 oz)
Smoke FS M110 Shell 45.45 kg (100 lb) Sulfur trioxide in Chlorosulfonic acid, 7.67 kg (16 lb 15 oz)
Smoke WP M110 Shell 44.63 kg (100 lb) White phosphorus (WP), 7.08 kg (15 lb 10 oz)
Smoke, colored BE M116 Shell 39.21 kg (90 lb) Smoke mixture, 7.8 kg (17 lb 3 oz)
Smoke HC BE M116 Shell 43.14 kg (100 lb) Zinc chloride (HC), 11.7 kg (25 lb 13 oz) 564 m/s (1,850 ft/s) 14,955 m (16,355 yd)
Chemical CNS M110 Shell 44.05 kg (100 lb) Chloroacetophenone (CN), 6.26 kg (13 lb 13 oz)
Chemical H M110 Shell 43.09 kg (90 lb) Mustard gas, 5.02 kg (11 lb 1 oz) 564 m/s (1,850 ft/s) 14,972 m (16,374 yd)
Illumination Illuminating M118 Shell 46.77 kg (100 lb) Illuminant candles, 4.02 kg (8 lb 14 oz)
Drill Dummy Mk I Projectile - - -
Drill Dummy M7 Projectile 43.09 kg (90 lb) - - -
Concrete penetration, mm
Ammunition Distance 0 914 m (1,000 yd) 2,743 m (3,000 yd) 4,572 m (5,000 yd)
HE M107 Shell (meet angle 0°) 884 mm (2 ft 11 in) 792 mm (2 ft 7 in) 610 mm (2 ft) 488 mm (1 ft 7 in)
Different methods of measurement were used in different countries / periods. Therefore, direct comparison is often impossible.

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