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List Of Mega Man Star Force Episodes (original Series)
... However, Geo's life takes a startling turn when he witnesses a battle between two EM waves one night, one of which collides with him in a flashy beam of light ... In order to battle the EM viruses, Omega-Xis offers Geo his power, and merging, they transform into the EM Wave Human known as Mega Man ... (オックス襲来!, Okkusu Shūrai!?) 2006-11-25 Mega Man battles with Cygnus Wing until he escapes to space where an abandoned satellite is on a crash course toward AMAKEN ...

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    No battle is worth fighting except the last one.
    J. Enoch Powell (b. 1912)

    No, in your rural letter box
    I leave this note without a stamp
    To tell you it was just a tramp
    Who used your pasture for a camp.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)