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The Ly-Cilph begin their lives in a fish-like form, swimming in the shallow pools of their homeworld. After three years in this form, they lose their tails, and develop a snail-like skirt. They emerge onto the land, and feed upon "nodes", biological time capsules left behind by previous generations of Ly-Cilph. When they consume these nodes, not only do they gain the vast understanding of their ancestors, but the telepathic centres of their brain are stimulated, allowing them to communicate with other Ly-Cilph. Prior to consuming these nodes, the Ly-Cilph do not possess sentience.

When the orbit of the moon causes the nine-year cycle to end, and storms to begin spreading across the planet, the Ly-Cilph stop whatever they are doing, and anchor themselves to the ground. Nodes grow from their skin, and drop to the ground like fruit. A flash of radiation from the gas giant kills their corporeal bodies, but also provides their minds with enough energy to transcend and become non-corporeal. The freed Ly-Cilph minds drift up into orbit of their home, and then set out to discover the universe.

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