Lutfi (court Official) - Extractions From Lutfi's Writing

Extractions From Lutfi's Writing

In the year nine hundred and seventy two. His Majesty's Servant Lutfi came here, and on his return journey he loaded sixteen kanters of pepper, silk, cinnamon, cloves, camphor, hisalbend, and other products from the "Lands below the Winds" onto a large famour ship known as the "Samadi".

In fact, when rulers of Ceylon and Calicut received news that your Majesty's servant Lutfi had arrived here, they sent ambassadors to us who proclaimed: "We are servants of his Imerpial Majesty..." and took an oath swearing that if your Imperial Majesty's propitious fleet were tro journey to these lands, they themselves would come to the faith and profess the religion of Isman, and that likewise all of their infidel subjects would forsake false belief for the straight path of the one true religion.

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