Lump may refer to:

  • "Lump" (song), a 1995 song by The Presidents of the United States of America
  • Lump (compilation album), a 2000 best-of album by The Presidents of the United States of America
  • The Lump, a 1991 short animated film
  • Lump sum, a one time payment of money
  • Lump Sugar, a 2006 South Korean film
  • Lump hammer, a tool
  • Lump (dog), a dog who acted as a muse to Pablo Picasso
  • Lumped parameters, in mathematical modelling
  • Swelling (medical), causes a lump
    • any tumor
    • commonly, a breast tumor
    • "lump in one's throat", see Globus pharyngis

Other articles related to "lump":

The Lump
... The Lump is a short animated film released in 1991 ... One day, a lump appears on his head that looks like an attractive face ... By pretending the lump is his real face, he gains fame and fortune, but soon he gets into trouble when he enters into the company of several corrupt politicians ...
Crab Meat - Grades - Lump
... The Lump grade of crab meat is composed of broken pieces of Jumbo Lump, which are not included in the Jumbo Lump grade pack, and other flake pieces ...
Lump-sum Tax
... A lump-sum tax is a tax that is a fixed amount, no matter the change in circumstance of the taxed entity ... A lump-sum subsidy or lump-sum redistribution is defined similarly.) It is one of the various modes used for taxation income, things owned (property taxes), money spent (sales ... as having most of the characteristics of a lump sum tax (other than being avoidable by not owning property in a condominium) ...
Cash Transfers - Lump Sums
... managing a cash transfer is to provide all the money at once in a lump sum, rather than in small regular amounts ... Agency for Development Cooperation's experiments with lump sum cash transfers and came out with the following six findings Lump sum transfers work better in post-emergency ... Success of lump sum transfers greatly depends on the local market and whether there are long-term income generating investments to be made ...

Famous quotes containing the word lump:

    In this nadir of poetic repute, when the only verse that most people read from one year’s end to the next is what appears on greetings cards, it is well for us to stop and consider our poets.... Poets are the leaven in the lump of civilization.
    Elizabeth Janeway (b. 1913)

    A sparrow enters the tree,
    Whereon immediately
    A snow lump thrice his own slight size
    Descends on him and showers his head and eyes,
    And overturns him,
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)

    Why has mankind had such a craving to be imposed upon? Why this lust after imposing creeds, imposing deeds, imposing buildings, imposing language, imposing works of art? The thing becomes an imposition and a weariness at last. Give us things that are alive and flexible, which won’t last too long and become an obstruction and a weariness. Even Michelangelo becomes at last a lump and a burden and a bore. It is so hard to see past him.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)