Ludwig Von Hagemeister

Ludwig August von Hagemeister (Russian: Лео́нтий Андриа́нович Гагеме́йстер; Leonty Andrianovich Gagemeyster; 1780– December 24, 1833) was a Russian seafarer of Baltic German origin and explorer of the Pacific Ocean, Captain of the 1st rank.

In 1806-1807, Hagemeister journeyed from Kronstadt to Russian America, crossing the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans in his ship Neva. In 1808–1809, he explored the shores of Alaska and made trips to the North Pacific. Hagemeister returned to St. Petersburg through Siberia in 1810. He was chairman of the Admiralty of Irkutsk from 1812 to 1815, in which capacity Hagemeister was responsible for the building of the first ships for crossing Lake Baikal. From 1816 to 1819, he was in charge of the Russian-American Company ship Kutuzov, on which he made his first circumnavigation of the globe, with a stop in Russian America. In 1828–1829, Hagemeister made his second circumnavigation on the ship Krotky. During this journey, he surveyed the Menshikov Atoll (Kwajalein) in the Marshall Islands, plotting it on the map and specifying the location of some other islands.

An island and a strait in Alaska bear Hagemeister's name.

Preceded by
Alexander Andreyevich Baranov
Governor of Russian Colonies in America
Succeeded by
Lieutenant Semyon Ivanovich Yanovsky
Russian America: Russian colonization of the Americas
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  • Redoubt Saint Michael (Old Sitka)
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  • Three Saints Bay
  • Unalaska
  • Juno and Avos
  • Orthodox Church
  • Russian–American Company
  • St. Michael's Cathedral
Name Hagemeister, Ludwig Von
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Date of birth 1780
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Date of death 1833
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