LST is a three-character initialism that may refer to:

  • Landing Ship, Tank, a U.S. Navy ship class, of type Amphibious Warfare
  • Laplace-Stieltjes transform, a transform similar to the Laplace transform
  • Launceston Airport
  • Least slack time scheduling
  • Linux Support Team, a defunct German company and Linux distribution
  • Living Systems Theory
  • Local Sidereal Time
  • London School of Theology
  • Löwenheim–Skolem theorem, a theorem in first-order logic dealing with the cardinality of models
  • The Station Code for London Liverpool Street

Other articles related to "lst":

Ships Of The Republic Of Vietnam Navy - Patrol Craft Tender
... These ships were built as LST-542-class tank landing ships (LST) and modified to act as tenders for patrol craft flotillas ... Name Acquired Formerly Fate RVNS My Tho (HQ-800) 12 October 1970 USS Harnett County (LST-821) Escaped to the Philippines, April 1975 ... RVNS Can Tho (HQ-801) 23 April 1971 USS Garrett County (LST-786) Escaped to the Philippines, April 1975 ...
... HMAS LST 3022 was a Mark 3 Landing Ship Tank (LST) operated by the Royal Navy (as HMS LST 3022) during World War II, and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1946 until 1954 ... The Mark 3 LST had a light load displacement of 2,140 tonnes (2,110 long tons 2,360 short tons), with a maximum beachable displacement of 3,117 tonnes (3,06 ... In RAN service, LST 3022 was armed with four 40 mm Bofors in two twin mounts and six 20 mm Oerlikons in two twin and two single mounts ...
List Of Ship Names Of The Royal Navy (I-L) - L
... London Loyal Watcher Loyal Loyalist Loyalty LST 3001 LST 3002 LST 3003 LST 3004 LST 3005 LST 3006 LST 3007 LST 3008 LST 3009 LST 3010 LST 3011 LST 3012 LST 3013 LST ...
Ships Of The Republic Of Vietnam Navy - Landing Ship Tank
... The Landing Ship, Tank (LST) was a vessel created to support amphibious operations by landing vehicles, cargo, and troops directly to shore ... Name Acquired Formerly Fate RVNS Cam Ranh (HQ-500) 12 April 1962 USS Marion County (LST-975) Escaped to the Philippines, April 1975 ... Nẵng (HQ-501) 12 July 1962 USS Maricopa County (LST-938) Captured by North Vietnam, 29 April 1975 ...
List Of Ships Of The Republic Of Korea Navy - Decommissioned Ships - Amphibious
1949) Jinnampo (LCI 106 formerly ? transferred on 23 December 1946) Tank Landing Ships (LST) Cheonan (LST 801 aka Yonghwa formerly USS LST-659 sold to the government of South Korea, 25 May 1947 ...