Lower Silesian Voivodeship - Economy


Lower Silesia is one of the richest regions in Poland. GDP per capita in 2007 accounted for 108.7% of the average for the country. Since 2005, the voivodeship recorded the highest in the country economic growth rate (around 10% per annum).

GDP per capita in Lower Silesia Voivodeship: GDP in Poland:

GDP per capita in Lower Silesian Voivodeship and Poland
Lower Silesian Voivodeship GDP per capita Poland GDP per capita
2000 10 440$ (+2.8%) 2000 10 140$ (+4.0%)
2005 13 060$ (+4.9%) 2005 12 600$ (+3.5%)
2006 13 700$ (+7.3%) 2006 13 020$ (+6.2%)
2007 14 980$ (+9.5%) 2007 13 760$ (+6.5%)
2008 16 030$ (+7.2%) 2008 14 450$ (+5.0%)
2009 16 350$ (+2.0%) 2009 14 720$ (+1.9%)

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