Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon

The Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (or LAMM) is a two day fell running and orienteering race held in the Scottish Highlands each June. Teams of two run and navigate over mountainous terrain, carrying all their gear for an overnight wild camp. LAMM has six classes of competition: Elite, A, B, C, D and Score. Over the two days, the elite competitors complete a course of approximately 70 km with 4000m of ascent over challenging terrain.

The event location is kept secret until 48 hours before the start, and competitors do not know where the route will take them until they cross the start line. Teams are then given a series of grid reference checkpoints which they must navigate to and choose a route between.

LAMM is often considered to be the smaller cousin of the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon, the original event of this kind. Unlike KIMM, competition for places is not so fierce on LAMM and most who apply get a place first time. LAMM calls itself the Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon, and is celebrated amongst competitors for its unexpected twists and impeccable logistical organisation. Since the first event in Arrochar in 1994, the event has seen a steady increase in numbers, with over 550 teams entering in 2005.

The organiser of LAMM, Martin Stone is himself an elite fell runner. Notable competitors include Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

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