Louise and Charmian Faulkner Disappearance - Police Investigation

Police Investigation

On 9 June 1980 preliminary investigations of the disappearances began. Inquiries were conducted over the following 12 months with friends and associates of Louise, but failed to interview Louise's three children at this time.

Louise's walking stick and Charmian's stroller were found in the flat and food had been left on the kitchen table. Her children had noticed a number of odd things in relation to their mother's flat after the disappearance. The TV which had been supplied to Louise by George was missing, along with a large suitcase, an amount of clothing and Charmian's birth certificate. Drawers from a bedside table in the bedroom were strewn across the bed and appeared to have been ransacked. There was no sign of forced entry into the flat. A number of pension checks had accrued in the letter box and Louise's bank accounts had remained untouched since 11 April. No arrangements had been made for anyone to take care of Louise's two cats. Louise did not contact her children on Mother's day 11 May and friends and associates voiced their concerns that her and the toddler's disappearance was very out of character.

Various members of police have speculated during the course of the investigation that Louise and Charmian may have been disposed of in or around the Thomson Dam which was undergoing construction during the period. A number of psychics and psychic detectives also offered widely varying insights into the possible location of the bodies.

Louise's eldest daughter Melissiah was unsatisfied with the original police investigation and lobbied the Ombudsman, the Police Commissioner and Steve Bracks, Premier of Victoria to have the case re-opened. In 2001 the Victoria Police Homicide Squad Missing Persons Unit recommenced investigations regarding the disappearance of Louise and Charmian. George Sutherland was reinterviewed at Burnie, Tasmania, in relation to the disappearance. George denied being the driver of the Ute who had picked up Louise and Charmian and subsequently denied any involvement or knowledge regarding the disappearances.

In 2006 police were notified of a garage containing a mechanic's pit that had been filled in on the Sutherland's former property at Parkers Corner. In 2007 police excavated the garage but nothing was found.

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