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Louise and Charmian Foundation

In 2006 Louise's eldest daughter Melissiah launched her own investigation into the disappearance of her mother and half-sister and lobbied various government departments about the mishandling of the case. A petition was launched to Sutherland urging him to reveal what had happened to Louise and Charmian. He subsequently denied to the media that he had received the petition.

During the course of her investigation, Melissiah spoke to a number of witnesses who provided her with statements. She was shocked to learn that several of them alleged to have initially contacted police or Crime Stoppers but had been ignored. Melissiah also discovered that Louise and Charmian were not listed as missing persons with the Australian Federal Police and their details had never been included on any AFP missing persons posters.

During her investigation, Melissiah undertook numerous searches throughout bushland in the vicinity of Parkers Corner, including the areas of Rawson, Erica, Walhalla, Tyers and the Thomson Dam. The sheer ruggedness and vastness of the terrain - much of which was state forest - further compounded the difficulty of the searches. At one stage Melissiah and her brother believed the bodies may have been dumped in a mineshaft in Rawson which had been filled in, but after three days of excavation no remains were found.

Melissiah became convinced that the bodies of her mother and sister had been disposed of on Sutherland and his ex-wife's former property. A Current Affair subsequently aired the story House of Horrors on 11 June 2007 and in September 2007, Melissiah demanded that the suspect and his ex-wife pay the costs for exhumation of Louise and Charmian's remains. The demands were refused, with Sutherland citing that he had not been charged with any offense relating to the disappearance of Louise and Charmian and that no finding had yet been made by the Coroner.

In 2007 Melissiah set up The Louise and Charmian Foundation to continue the investigation into her mother and sister's disappearance. The Foundation also aims to solve the considerable number of other long-term missing person cases in Australia.

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