Louise and Charmian Faulkner Disappearance - Criticisms of Police Investigation

Criticisms of Police Investigation

The family of Louise and Charmian have claimed the Victoria Police have made several blunders during their investigation. Louise and Charmian were first reported missing on 3 May 1980 by Louise's eldest daughter and her grandmother at St Kilda police station, however the officer on duty failed to make a missing person report on that day. The missing person report was not compiled until almost six weeks after the disappearance by Louise's estate agent on 9 June 1980. By this stage Louise's telephone line had been disconnected due to non-payment of the account, making it impossible to determine the last calls received or made on the line.

The victim's flat was never declared a crime scene and no forensics were ever carried out on the premises. The investigating Detective Sergeant John Smith took only five photographs of the interior of the flat. No police or SES were ever deployed to search terrain near the suspect's residence and potato farm. The decision not to instigate a search was in stark contrast to the extensive searches used in other missing person/children cases such as the Beaumont children, Azaria Chamberlain, and Jaidyn Leskie. The Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police also failed to produce missing person posters for Louise and Charmian.

After the initial investigation the case file then went missing from the Homicide Department and key witnesses in the case were not interviewed for some 21 years after the disappearance. By this stage many potential witnesses had died and Louise's second youngest daughter Rosalie had committed suicide.

Eventually, Louise's remaining children reluctantly accepted that Louise and Charmian were murdered and that their bodies may never be found.

In August 2007 both the Victorian State Government and Port Phillip Council refused to erect a memorial plaque at the place of Louise and Charmian's disappearance. The family considered this a cruel blow considering that memorial plaques had been erected for other missing persons in Australia such as Harold Holt, Sarah MacDiarmid and the Backpacker victims.

12 September 2007 marked 10,000 days since the disappearance and a campaign named 10,000 days of injustice was launched. As no finding of death had been made at this stage, Louise's remaining children were still ineligible to receive crimes compensation or counselling.

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