Louis, Prince of Anhalt-Pless - Life


As the youngest child in his family, Louis had little prospect of ever taking part the government of Pless; but when the main line of the Anhalt-Köthen branch of the House of Ascania became extinct in 1818, his older brother Frederick Ferdinand assumed the title duke of Anhalt-Köthen and left the government of Pless in the hands of the next oldest brother, Henry.

In 1830, Frederick Ferdinand died childless and Henry succeeded him as duke. Shortly after, he left the government of Pless in the hands of Louis. Because Henry was also childless, Louis became heir presumptive to the duchy of Anhalt-Köthen until his death, unmarried and also childless. After Louis's death, Henry reassumed his government over Pless until his own death.

Preceded by
Prince of Anhalt-Pless
Succeeded by
Name Louis, Prince of Anhalt-Pless
Alternative names
Short description
Date of birth 16 July 1783
Place of birth
Date of death 5 November 1841
Place of death

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