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He has considerable share in editing the Roman edition of Arabic Bible, published at Rome in 1671, in three volumes. For this, the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples appointed Abraham Ecchellensis and Maracci Lewis to undertake the revision of the edition to make it exactly, correspond with the Vulgate. Maracci wrote a new preface and made a list of errors of the former copy in 1668.

He acquired much celebrity in editing and publishing Quran in Arabic and translating that into Latin - Alcorani Textus Universus Arabicè et Latinè, in two volumes, at Padua in 1698. His version of Quran included a life of Mahomet, with notes, and refutations of Mahometan doctrines. It was the result of forty years of labour and toilsome research of the Benedictine monks.

George Sale's English translations of the Quran - The Koran, commonly called, The Alcoran of Mohammed -, in 1736, was done based on Maracci's Latin version of Quran in 1698.

He also authored The Life of Father Leonardi, the founder of his congregation - Clerks Regular of the Mother of God of Lucca, and many more.

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