Louis Maracci

Louis Maracci

Louis (or Ludovico) Maracci (1612-1700), best known by name Lewis Maracci, was an Italian Oriental scholar and professor of Arabic in the College of Wisdom at Rome.

He is chiefly known as the publisher and editor of Quran of Muhammad in Arabic. He is also well known for translating Quran in Latin, editing Arabic Bible, and numerous other works.

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Louis Maracci - Contributions
... the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples appointed Abraham Ecchellensis and Maracci Lewis to undertake the revision of the edition to make it exactly, correspond with the ... Maracci wrote a new preface and made a list of errors of the former copy in 1668 ... The Alcoran of Mohammed -, in 1736, was done based on Maracci's Latin version of Quran in 1698 ...

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