Lotus Lake - Temple - Cheng Huang Temple (Chinese: 城隍廟; Pinyin: Chénghuángmiào)

Cheng Huang Temple (Chinese: 城隍廟; Pinyin: Chénghuángmiào)

The Old City Cheng Huang Temple was built in Qing Emperor Kangxi forty-three years (AD 1704). It worships Cheng Huang. When the Fengshan country ruled in this time, Residents constructed straw hut out of North Gate to worship the Cheng Huang which was the first model of the Old City Cheng Huang Temple. The Cheng Huang Temple was originally a gateway of The Old City area and the trade. At that time, Pi Chai Tau Street was crowded and bustling. Believers shuttled in front of the temple. It became an important gateway of trade. It experienced Lin Shuang-wen event, the county was moved to Fengshan, destroyed by Japanese, the government retreated to Taiwan, damages by refugees, and many time of rehabilitations and rebuilds. The history of Cheng Huang Temple is the miniature of southern Taiwan experienced ups and downs for 200 years. In temple, every board and joss seems to talk quietly about the footsteps of ancestors. The Old City Cheng Huang Temple will tour Zuoying inside and outside for thirteen spots about every birthday of Lunar Calendar on 20 May. It still is one of the important activities in the Zuoyingtemple fair.

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