Lost Artworks

Lost artworks are original pieces of art that credible sources indicate once existed but that cannot be accounted for in museums or private collections or are known to have been destroyed deliberately or accidentally, or neglected through ignorance and lack of connoisseurship.

For lost literary works, see Lost work.

Works are listed chronologically by when they were created, not by when they were destroyed or lost.

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Famous quotes containing the words artworks and/or lost:

    It is with artworks as it is with wine: it is much better when we do not need either one, when we stick with water, and when out of our own inner fire, the inner sweetness of our own soul, we turn the water over and over again into wine ourselves.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    When the old man on the border lost his horse, who could know that it was good fortune in disguise?
    Chinese proverb.