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List Of Inactive Los Angeles Class Submarines By Disposition
... This is a complete list of all inactive Los Angeles class submarines, grouped by disposition ... Main article Los Angeles class submarine See also List of Los Angeles class submarines and List of active Los Angeles class submarines by homeport ...
X – Live In Los Angeles
... X – Live in Los Angeles is a live album by X released as a Compact Disc and DVD on May 10, 2005 ... as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of their debut album Los Angeles ...
Signals Intelligence Operational Platforms By Nation - Submarine Platforms - United States: Submarine Platforms
... While the Sturgeon class submarines have been retired, as with any class of submarines, their design had tradeoffs ... Sturgeons were more optimized for reconnaissance than the subsequent Los Angeles class, which have greater speed, but less internal space, and optimized for blue water, principally antisubmarine ... SIGINT system, which may have been too large to fit the Los Angeles class ...
List Of Ship Commissionings In 1985
... a chronological list of all ships commissioned in 1985 Operator Ship Flag Class and type Pennant Other notes 19 January Augusta United States Navy Los Angeles class submarine 9 February Hawes ...
Fictional Submarines - Film
903 - Iranian Kilo class submarine in Steel Sharks, 1996 USS Abraham Lincoln — frigate in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1954 Academic Vladislav Volkov — Russian research ship in Virus, 1999 Acheron ... Don't Give Up The Ship, 1959, starred Jerry Lewis USS Lansing (SSN-795) - Los Angeles Class SSN (Depicted as an SSBN) in Danger Beneath The Sea, 2001 Liparus — Karl Stromberg's submarine swallowing supertanker ... Starfish - DSV in Raise the Titanic! USS Stingray - Balao-class submarine, Down Periscope, 1996 with Kelsey Grammer no relation to the Salmon-class SS-186 USS Stingray HMS Surprise - Master and Commander the Far ...

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