Los Angeles City High School District - History


The district formed in 1890; it served students of the Los Angeles High School while the Los Angeles City School District and various other elementary school districts served elementary and junior high school students.

The high school district expanded its territory by annexing other high school districts and including other elementary school districts in its boundaries. In 1906, the district took the Jewell Union High School District. In 1909, the district took the Hollywood Union High School District and the San Pedro High School District. In 1910 it took the Wilmington Union High School District. In 1913 it took the Van Nuys High School District. In 1914, it took the San Fernando Union High School District. In 1916, the Owensmouth Union became a part of the Los Angeles High School District.

On August 18, 1921, the following districts were included in the Los Angeles City High School District: Alturas, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Castaic, Cornell, Culver City, Felton, Garripatos (the district was later renamed to Topanga), Honby, Las Vergenes, Liberty, Live Oak, New Era, Newhall, San Francisquito, San Martinez and Saugus. The high school district annexed Venice Union High School District in 1925. On July 22, 1929 the Oak Flat district was transferred to the Los Angeles City High School District from the Antelope Valley Joint High School District.

On July 22, 1932, the Huntington Park School District became included in the Los Angeles City High School District. On March 23, 1936, Beverly Hills left the Los Angeles City High School District and formed the Beverly Hills High School District; by operation of law this became the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

On December 29, 1942, the Bee School District was transferred from Antelope Valley Joint Union High School District to the Los Angeles City High School District. On January 25, 1945, Culver City left the Los Angeles High School District in a similar manner as Beverly Hills. On January 30, 1945, the Santa Clarita Union High School District (also known as the William S. Hart Union High School District) took the Bee, Newhall, Castaic Union and Saugus Union school districts.

In 1947, Torrance High School was transferred to the Redondo Union High School District, and the elementary schools in the City of Torrance were formed into the Torrance City School District.

In 1961 the LA City school district and the Palos Verdes School District merged and became a unified school district. The annexation left the Topanga School District and the Las Vergenes Union School District as separate remnants of the high school district, renamed to the West County Union High School District. LAUSD annexed the Topanga district on July 1, 1962. Since the Las Vergenes Union School District had the same boundary as the remaining West County Union High School District, on July 1, 1962 West County ceased to exist.

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