Los Angeles Aqueduct

The Los Angeles Aqueduct system comprising the Los Angeles Aqueduct (Owens Valley aqueduct) and the Second Los Angeles Aqueduct, is a water conveyance system, built and operated by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The Owens Valley aqueduct was designed and built by the city's water department, at the time named the The Bureau of Los Angeles Aqueduct, under the supervision of the department's Chief Engineer William Mulholland. The system delivers water from the Owens River in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains to Los Angeles, California.

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Second Los Angeles Aqueduct
... The second Los Angeles Aqueduct starts at the Haiwee Reservoir, just south of Owens Lake, running roughly parallel to the first aqueduct. 137 mi (220 km) and merges with the original aqueduct near the Cascades, visibly located on the east side of the Golden State Freeway near the junction ... Intake where water is diverted from the Owens River The Los Angeles Aqueduct in Antelope Valley Holt tractors at work during construction of the first aqueduct in 1909 Unlined section of the Los Angeles ...
St. Francis Dam - Planning and Design
... In the early days of Los Angeles, the city's water supply was obtained from the Los Angeles River ... A private water company, the Los Angeles City Water Company, leased the city's waterworks and provided water to the city ... In 1902, the City of Los Angeles took over the city's water supply, and the city council established the Water Department with Mulholland continuing as Superintendent ...
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... Fred Eaton used his inside advance information about the aqueduct project to enrich himself and his associates at the expense of the city of Los Angeles and the Owens Valley landowners ... Eaton claimed in a 1905 interview with the Los Angeles Express that he turned over all his water rights to Los Angeles without being paid for them, "except that I retained ... Land was needed by Mulholland and Los Angeles to build a storage reservoir before the water entered the city ...
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    The freeway experience ... is the only secular communion Los Angeles has.... Actual participation requires a total surrender, a concentration so intense as to seem a kind of narcosis, a rapture-of-the-freeway. The mind goes clean. The rhythm takes over.
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    Joan Didion (b. 1935)