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  • Los (Blake), a character in William Blake's poetry
  • Los, or the Crimson King, a character in Stephen King's novels
  • Los (band)
  • Los, the Twelfth stage of Gaiapolis.
  • Los (rapper), a rapper from Baltimore that's signed to Bad Boy Records
  • Los, a song from the Rammstein album Reise, Reise

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Famous quotes containing the words books and/or video:

    ... a phallocentric culture is more likely to begin its censorship purges with books on pelvic self-examination for women or books containing lyrical paeans to lesbianism than with See Him Tear and Kill Her or similar Mickey-Spillanesque titles.
    Robin Morgan (b. 1941)

    It is among the ranks of school-age children, those six- to twelve-year-olds who once avidly filled their free moments with childhood play, that the greatest change is evident. In the place of traditional, sometimes ancient childhood games that were still popular a generation ago, in the place of fantasy and make- believe play . . . today’s children have substituted television viewing and, most recently, video games.
    Marie Winn (20th century)