Lorin Farr

Lorin Farr (July 25, 1820 – January 12, 1909) was a Mormon pioneer and the first mayor of Ogden, Utah.

Farr was born in Waterford, Vermont. He was a son of Winslow Farr. When he was eleven, Farr joined the Latter Day Saint church after having been taught of it by Orson Pratt and Lyman E. Johnson. Farr's baptism was performed by Johnson.

The Farr family moved to Kirtland, Ohio in 1837 and then to Missouri in 1838, and to Nauvoo, Illinois after that. In 1843 and 1844, Farr served as a missionary in many states of the United States. He then went west with the body of the saints arriving in the Salt Lake Valley in September 1847.

In 1851, Farr was called as president of the newly formed Weber Stake, which required him to move to Ogden. He also served as the first mayor of Ogden, a member of the Utah Territorial Legislature and in 1870 to 1871 served as a missionary in the British Isles.

Farr was the father of many children. Among these was Sarah Farr, who was a wife of apostle John Henry Smith and the mother of George Albert Smith, who became the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.