Lord Rootes Memorial Fund

The Lord Rootes Memorial Fund was endowed in memory of Baron Rootes to benefit students at the University of Warwick. Students must first submit a proposal for a research project showing both imagination and innovation. Successful proposal writers are then invited to a panel interview with the academics which compose the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee. This committee then advises the trustees on which projects to fund. Awards range between £100 and £5000. Following completion of their project, students are expected to produce a report of publishable standard to justify the sponsorship they have received. This is then made available to the public through the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick in Coventry. The final 25% of the research grant is only released on receipt of a satisfactory report.

In 2005 the following projects were funded by the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund:

  • US National Parks of the Pacific West: A Guide for Travellers with Mobility Difficulties by David Baker
  • Dialogue or Dichotomy: A Photographic Investigation of Poland’s New Cultural Climate by Bethany Bennett, Kathryn Johnson & Victoria Jarrett
  • Evaluating the Impact of Grass-Roots NGOs in India by Brendan Donegan
  • A Study of the Styles and Forms of Aboriginal Art to Gain an Insight into their Meanings by Christopher Garner
  • The Fix” by Stephanie Hay, Russell Hope, Daniel Sarginson, Richard Hogg & Samantha Costigan
  • Land’s End to John O’Groats: A Cyclist’s-eye view of Britain by John Huddlestone
  • The Impact of Economic Factors and Reference Levels on Happiness in Venezuela by Alice Kugler & Sina Grasmann
  • Culinary Crossings: The Cuisine of Yucatán by Claudia Lozada-Can, Michael Niblett, Kerstin Oloff & Ulrich Sauder
  • Come Away: A Film by Beatriz Martinez-Gatell & Martin Arumemi-Ikhide
  • Eurojam 2005 Sub-Camp Programme 2005 by Andy Melia
  • Primum Non Nocere – The Limitations of Medical Intervention in Sexual Health by David Metcalfe
  • The Culture of Marianismo, Young Women and Ecuador Today by Tina Sidemark & Katherine Brown
  • A Celebration of Italy’s National Parks by Heather Scutchings & Christopher Brockelsby
  • Glycemic Index Foods and Their Effect on Public Health and Obesity by Kate Williams

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