Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (plural: Lords Lieutenant) was the British monarch's official representative and head of the Irish executive during the Lordship of Ireland (1171–1541), the Kingdom of Ireland (1541–1800) and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801–1922). Following traditional British and Irish pronunciation, the term is always pronounced as 'Lord Lef-tenant of Ireland'.

The office, under its various names, was often more generally known as the viceroy, from the French vice roi or deputy king, with his queen consort known as the Vicereine. The government of Ireland in practice was usually in the hands of the Lord Deputy up to the 17th century, and later of the Chief Secretary for Ireland. Although in the Middle Ages some Lords Deputy were Irish noblemen, only men from Great Britain, usually nobles, were appointed to the office of Lord Lieutenant.

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Lord Lieutenant Of Ireland - Irish Attitudes Towards The Lord Lieutenant
... The office of Lord Lieutenant, like the British government in Ireland, was generally unpopular with Irish nationalists, though it was supported with varying degrees of enthusiasm by the ... Some Lords Lieutenant did earn a measure of popularity in a personal capacity among nationalists ... replacement by a Secretary of State for Ireland ...
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... resignation in November 1756, Bedford became Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in the new government led by William Pitt and the Duke of Devonshire ... In Ireland he favoured a relaxation of the penal laws against Roman Catholics, but did not keep his promises to observe neutrality between the rival ... threatened French invasion in 1759, and the landing of a small French force in northern Ireland ...
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... In 1812, Talbot was also appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and admitted to the Privy Council ... of his rendering services to the agriculture of Ireland, he was awarded the Freedom of Drogheda and during George IV's visit to the country in 1821, he was appointed a ... Daniel O'Connell gave Talbot credit for his impartiality and Lord Cloncurry called him 'an honourable, high-minded gentleman' ...
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... The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was the head of the British administration in Ireland until the foundation of the Irish Free State in 1922 ...

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