Loomis (company) - New Loomis Fargo and Major Robberies

New Loomis Fargo and Major Robberies

During its first year of operation as the new Loomis Fargo & Company, the company was the target for two of the largest cash robberies ever committed on American soil.

In March 1997, employee Philip N. Johnson, on his own, stole $18.8 million from the Loomis Fargo armored car that he was driving. In the October 1997 "Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery", employee David Scott Ghantt and accomplices stole $17.3 million from the Loomis Fargo vault that he was supervising. The perpetrators of both robberies, and a significant majority of the cash, were found by law enforcement agencies.

These two robberies, along with the unrelated $18.9 million Dunbar Armored robbery, which also occurred in 1997, were the first to surpass the previous holder of the title "largest cash robbery" in U.S. history, the $5 million cash portion (along with $0.9 million in jewellery) of the Lufthansa heist of December 1978.

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