The Lohner-Werke or simply Lohner, was a Viennese luxury coachbuilding firm founded in the 19th century by Jacob Lohner.

Around 1900 the firm produced electric-cars, being the first in Austria to do; the cars were designed by Ferdinand Porsche. During the early 1900s the firm manufactured aircraft, after WWI the company manufactued trams, and after WW2 the company began manufacturing Scooters and Mopeds using engines from Rotax, with which it merged in 1959, forming Lohner Rotax.

In 1970 Canadian firm Bombardier Inc. acquired a controlling share in the company and renamed it Bombardier-Rotax GmbH.

Under bombardier the company became Bombardier Wien Schienenfahrzeuge (BWS), later Bombardier Transportation Austria GmbH. It relocated to a specialised factory in 2007, and now produces only trams (2012).

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