Logically Equivalent

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Method Of Analytic Tableaux - Propositional Logic - Conditional
... means that the left hand side formula is logically equivalent to the right hand side formula If we start with an arbitrary formula C of classical logic, and apply these ... that every formula C of classical logic has a logically equivalent formula C' in negation normal form ...
Converse (logic) - Implicational Converse
... about the verity of its converse, unless the antecedent P and the consequent Q are logically equivalent ... the statement "If I am a bachelor, then I am an unmarried man" is logically equivalent to "If I am an unmarried man, then I am a bachelor." A truth table makes it clear that S and the converse of S are not logically ...
Inverse (logic)
... Since a double negation has no logical effect, the inverse of the inverse is logically equivalent to the original conditional ... The inverse and the converse of a conditional are logically equivalent to each other, just as the conditional and its contrapositive are logically equivalent to each ...

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    [This] atheistic [movement] must logically result in the utter annihilation of the family.
    James A. Garfield (1831–1881)