Logical Problem

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A Tangled Tale - Summary of Knots and Solutions
... The older knight obscurely explains the mathematical problem ... solution includes a simplified restatement of the problem, a method to arrive at the solution, the solution, a discussion of readers' solutions, then readers' grades ... Another reader answers the problem by extending the story (this is quoted) ...
Alvin Plantinga's Free Will Defense - Criticisms
... Another issue with Plantinga's defense is that it does not address the problem of natural evil, since natural evil is not brought about by the free choices of creatures ... debate agree that Plantinga has provided a successful response to the abstract logical problem of evil", delineates a number objections, including the following Michael Tooley ... its implicit libertarianism, as a strong reply to the logical problem of evil ...

Famous quotes containing the words problem and/or logical:

    The writer operates at a peculiar crossroads where time and place and eternity somehow meet. His problem is to find that location.
    Flannery O’Connor (1925–1964)

    Opera, next to Gothic architecture, is one of the strangest inventions of Western man. It could not have been foreseen by any logical process.
    Kenneth MacKenzie Clark, Baron of Saltwood (1903–1983)