Lockdown (2008) - Results

No. Results Stipulations Duration
1 Jay Lethal (c) defeated Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy, and Sonjay Dutt Xscape match for the TNA X Division Championship 10:45
2 Roxxi Laveaux defeated Angelina Love, Christy Hemme, Jackie Moore, Rhaka Khan, Salinas, Traci Brooks, and Velvet Sky Queen of the Cage match for number one contendership to the TNA Women's Knockout Championship 05:30
3 B.G. James defeated Kip James Six Sides of Steel Cage match 08:00
4 Kaz and Super Eric defeated Black Reign and Rellik, The Latin American Xchange (Hernandez and Homicide), The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin), Petey Williams and Scott Steiner, and The Rock 'n Rave Infection (Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt) Six Team Cuffed in the Cage match 10:45
5 Gail Kim and ODB defeated Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed Six Sides of Steel Tag Team Cage match 08:30
6 Booker T and Sharmell defeated Robert Roode and Payton Banks Six Sides of Steel Intergender Tag Team Cage match 07:45
7 Team Cage (Christian Cage (captain), Matt Morgan, Kevin Nash, Rhino, and Sting) defeated Team Tomko (Tomko (captain), A.J. Styles, Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray), and James Storm) (with Jackie Moore) Five-on-Five Lethal Lockdown match 26:45
8 Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle (c) Six Sides of Steel Cage match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. If Joe had lost, he would had to retire from professional wrestling forever. 17:45
(c) - refers to the champion prior to the match
Xscape match
Elimination No. Eliminated Eliminator Notes Duration
1 Sonjay Dutt Johnny Devine Devine pinned Dutt with a roll-up pin. 02:50
2 Shark Boy Consequences Creed Creed pinned Shark Boy after his signature Creed-DT maneuver. 04:30
3 Consequences Creed Curry Man Curry Man pinned Creed after his signature Spice Rack maneuver. 07:15
4 Curry Man Johnny Devine Devine pinned Curry Man after his signature Devine Intervention maneuver. 08:40
Loser Johnny Devine N/A Devine failed to escape the cage before Lethal. 10:40
WINNER Jay Lethal N/A Lethal escaped the cage before Devine to win the match and retain the championship. 10:40
Cuffed in the Cage
Elimination No. Eliminated Eliminator
1 Scott Steiner Various
2 Alex Shelley Petey Williams
3 Chris Sabin Kaz
4 Petey Williams Black Reign and Rellik
5 Hernandez Unknown
6 Homicide Unknown
7 Kaz Unknown
8 Jimmy Rave Super Eric
9 Lance Hoyt Super Eric
10 Rellik Super Eric
11 Black Reign Super Eric
Winner Eric Young/Super Eric (with Kaz) N/A
Lethal Lockdown entrances
Entrance No. Wrestler Team Time
1 Christian Cage Team Cage 00:00
2 A.J. Styles Team Tomko 00:00
3 Brother Ray Team Tomko 05:00
4 Rhino Team Cage 07:00
5 James Storm Team Tomko 09:00
6 Kevin Nash Team Cage 11:00
7 Brother Devon Team Tomko 13:00
8 Matt Morgan Team Cage 15:00
9 Tomko Team Tomko 17:00
10 Sting Team Cage 19:00

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