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Closed Sets

It is clear from the definition of a topology that a finite union of closed sets is closed. One can readily give an example of an infinite union of closed sets that is not closed. However, if we consider a locally finite collection of closed sets, the union is closed. To see this we note that if x is a point outside the union of this locally finite collection of closed sets, we merely choose a neighbourhood V of x that intersects this collection at only finitely many of these sets. Define a bijective map from the collection of sets that V intersects to {1, ..., k} thus giving an index to each of these sets. Then for each set, choose an open set Ui containing x that doesn't intersect it. The intersection of all such Ui for 1 ≤ ik intersected with V, is a neighbourhood of x that does not intersect the union of this collection of closed sets.

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