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Takanori Nishikawa Discography - VHS
... MAKES REVOLUTION (September 21, 1996) LIVE REVOLUTION 1 -MAKES REVOLUTION- (December 1, 1996) restoration LEVEL➝3 (May 21, 1997) LIVE REVOLUTION 2 -restoration LEVEL➝3- (August 1, 1997) triple joker (March 1, 1998 ...

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    History in the making is a very uncertain thing. It might be better to wait till the South American republic has got through with its twenty-fifth revolution before reading much about it. When it is over, some one whose business it is, will be sure to give you in a digested form all that it concerns you to know, and save you trouble, confusion, and time. If you will follow this plan, you will be surprised to find how new and fresh your interest in what you read will become.
    Anna C. Brackett (1836–1911)

    trying to live in the terrible western world

    here where to love at all’s to be a politician, as to love a poem
    is pretentious,
    Frank O’Hara (1926–1966)