Liu Yuan

Liu Yuan may refer to:

  • Liu Yuan (Han Zhao), Chinese emperor of Han Zhao
  • Liu Yuan (boxer), Chinese boxer who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics
  • Liu Yuan (musician), Chinese modern musician
  • Liu Yuan (politician), politician of the People's Republic of China

Other articles related to "liu, liu yuan":

Liu Yao - Early Reign
... As emperor, Liu Yao showed flashes of brilliance, both at governance and military matters, at times, as well as willingness to listen to contrary opinions ... In 319, when Shi Le sent messengers to offer tribute to Liu Yao, Liu Yao was initially very happy, as Shi was effectively the master of the eastern half of the empire and his submission therefore showed that his ... Chang'an, thereafter submitted a report that Shi was in fact plotting an attack, Liu became angry and slaughtered Shi's delegation ...
Liu Yao - During Liu Yuan's Reign
... After Liu Yuan declared himself the Prince of Han in 304, creating Han Zhao state and effectively declaring independence and war on Jin, he made Liu Yao a ... During Liu Yuan's reign, Liu Yao engaged in many campaigns against Jin forces and often was victorious, although he, like other Han Zhao generals, had difficulty permanently holding cities that he ... In 307, along with his cousin Liu Cong and Wang Mi (王彌), he attacked Luoyang, but was repelled ...
Liu Yuan (Han Zhao) - As Jin Subject
... to encourage them to further sinicization and as collateral for their loyalty), Liu Yuan was sent to Luoyang to reside and to study traditional Chinese literature ... Wu) became impressed with him, and Wang Hun's son Wang Ji (王濟) became a close friend of Liu Yuan's ... Wang Hun believed Liu to be general material and repeatedly recommended Liu Yuan to Emperor Wu, but Kong Xun (孔恂) and Empress Yang Zhi's uncle Yang Ji ...
Empress Huyan (Guangwen)
... She was the founding emperor Liu Yuan (Emperor Guangwen)'s first wife ... were likely a great clan of Xiongnu nobility, as Liu Yuan's mother was also named Huyan, making his wife likely a relative of his mother ... little is known about Empress Huyan herself, other than that when Liu Yuan declared himself Prince of Han in 304, he created her princess ...