Little Baby Face Foundation

The Little Baby Face Foundation provides free facial surgery for children born with facial deformities, including microtia, atresia, cleft lip and palate, facial palsy, hemangioma and hemifacial microsomia, as well as elective cosmetic surgery for children who feel they do not meet normative standards of beauty. Physicians and facilities in New York volunteer their time and provide corrective surgery and medical care to children who are in financial need worldwide.

The Foundation offers travel to and from New York in addition to food, shelter and medical supplies for the children undergoing surgical procedures. It also provides information on medical facial deformities to families, healthcare providers and the public, and supports related research.

The Little Baby Face Foundation was founded in 2002, based on a new model of treatment to help children born with facial deformities, and features such as protruding ears. Rather than traveling to third world countries for the treatment of a limited number of conditions, LBFF brings children suffering from all kinds of facial deformities and imperfections to facilities in New York where volunteers—physicians and surgeons in fourteen specialties—work as a team to assess and ensure medical and surgical treatment, without any cost to the families.

The Little Baby Face Foundation qualifies as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service.

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